Over the last 15 years, we have established a reputation of providing our dentists and patients with the highest quality products and services. We continually invest in a new technology and equipment so that you receive nothing but the finest products.

September 2017
21stSeptember 21stSeptember TeethXpress - Immediate Loading Protocols In Full Arch Cases With Live Surgery
21stSeptember 21stSeptember Osseodensification - Hands - On Training
23rdSeptember 23rdSeptember Osseodensification - Hands - On Training
24thSeptember 24thSeptember Osseodensification - Hands - On Training
25thSeptember 27thSeptember Certificate in Oral Implantology

October 2017
5thOctober 8thOctober BioHorizons - International Symposium Series 2017
27thOctober 28thOctober 1st Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium

November 2017
3thNovember 3thNovember Osseodensification Hands-on Training with Live Surgery
4thNovember 4thNovember Osseodensification Hands-on Training
5thNovember 5thNovember TeethXpress - Immediate Loading Protocols in Full Arch Cases, with Hands-On
24thNovember 26thNovember Grafting in Implantology
25thNovember 25thNovember Versah - Osseodensification Hands-on Training with Live Surgery

December 2017
1stDecember 3rdDecember Complete Implant Prosthodontic
8thDecember 10thDecember The Ultimate Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting course
17thDecember 17thDecember Osseodensification Hands-on Training

January 2018
6thJanuary 6thJanuary TeethXpress - Immediate Loading Protocols in Full Arch Cases, with Hands-on
11thJanuary 13thJanuary Full Mouth Rehabilitation
20thJanuary 21stJanuary Management of Deficient Bone
21stJanuary 21stJanuary Osseodensification Hands-On Training with Live Surgery
25thJanuary 28thJanuary Foundation Course in Implant Dentistry

February 2018
2ndFebruary 3rdFebruary Advanced Implant Prosthodontics

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