Katara Dental has its origins in the well known DENTECH LABORATORY of Mumbai set up in 1985 by Dr. Mukesh Katara. Dr. Katara is a dental surgeon with postgraduate qualifications from the University of Bombay. After his training in dental technology under Prof. Dr. L.W.R. Kobes at the ZMK Klinik, Gottingen University, Germany, Dr Katara honed his skills at multiple private laboratories in Germany. He then launched DENTECH LABORATORY which is now one of India's finest, best equipped and staffed laboratories. Dentech has a staff of 35 qualified and dedicated personnel.

In 1994, KATARA DENTAL was set up in Pune. The ultramodern facility is spread over 800 square metres, employees over 120 staff and specializes in innovative dental technology. In 2001, a state-of-the-art full service laboratory was set up in downtown Bangalore. In 2007, a new laboratory has been set up in New Delhi catering to the high demand needs of practicing dentists in and around Delhi. We are able to meet the wide range of demands from the small practice to the large clinic from the 4 laboratories. We cater to dentists and prosthodontists throughout India, and some overseas.

The organization is totally committed to quality and service. Apart from the latest equipment, we provide our team of technicians a safe and comfortable workplace, along with the mentoring and tools to help us achieve our objective... quality and service that puts the smile back, on patients and doctors alike!

We guarantee at any time to use only high quality and proven materials for all steps of the processing starting from model making. We believe that providing an accurate and detailed plaster die stone model is often the most important step in constructing a high quality restoration. And then making dependable dies that fall perfectly back into place, and that are accurately ditched by experienced hands, to ensure good fit and margins that are so important to the success.

Waxing up is done by master craftsman after providing a spacer for luting agents, using waxes that have extremely low shrinkage and invested in investment materials that offer fine detail smooth surface and controlled expansion to produce perfect castings.

Alloys that have favorable properties are used, like beryllium free non precious alloys that are physiologically acceptable or high gold containing or reduced gold containing alloys that are biocompatible and corrosion resistant and if required nickel free or palladium free for the sensitive patients.

Ceramic and veneering materials that are state of the art offering a wider choice in biocompatibility and aesthetics are used.

In formulating the appropriate treatment plan, we offer the widest possible range of alternatives to the dentist.... with special emphasis on offering the latest technological options. Dental Prostheses made for the patients are a result of teamwork between a clinician and a technician. These two are partners in every success or failure. We on our part ensure highest quality and we depend on you to ensure proper preparation...If these two are ensured, so is success.

Delivery time will be indicated at the time of acceptance of order.

For crown & bridge work in NiCr alloy 2-3 working days
For PFM restorations. 3-6 working days
For Metal free Cad/Cam Restorations 4-7 working days
For Cast Partial frame works 4-5 working days

At Katara Dental patient health and safety are of paramount importance. That’s why we make significant investments in programs and policies that promote patient health and safety. It is our goal to consistently create high quality restorations and dental devices, while providing resources such continuing education, great practice support, and exemplary service. In order to exceed patient satisfaction and safety, we proudly ensure the Katara Dental Difference – built around Exceptional Service, Predictable Quality, as well as Partnership and Trust.

FDA/CE Compliant Materials:

Our labs are committed to conforming with the FDA and CE regulations. They also employ other quality assurance best practices, such as ISO, which ensure the safety and quality of our dental restorations.

We recognize that the quality of our dental restorations has a direct impact on patient safety and satisfaction. Our goal is to consistently create high quality restorations and dental devices while providing you with continuing education opportunities, great practice support and exemplary service.

For the 1st time ever in India!

Biohorizons & Katara Dental offer an implant to restoration warranty

Biohorizons & Katara Dental offer an implant to restoration warranty

This Lifetime Warranty covers the implant(s), abutement(s) and the Restorations(s) when fabricated on BioHorizons implants, and abutements, and restorations created by Katara Dental Laboratories. This Warranty is between your dental practice and Katara Dental/BioHorizons.

Our goal is to provide dentists with the finest technological assistance to create the most predictable implant restorations possible and help to ensure long term case success for your patients.

* Applicable to restorations recreated due to implant failure. Warranty does not include alloy charges for precious and semi-precious restorations. Restoration fabrication cost included. Warranty of restorations for all BioHorizons implants related lab work received July 1, 2009 onwards only.

Warranty on Czar Products

  1. All Czar Products carry a 5 year Warranty.
  2. The warranty covers breakage of framework and ceramic veneering.
  3. Warranty does not cover breakage resulting from accidents or misuse.
  4. A warranty card will be supplied when the case is completed, this card must be preserved and produced while claiming warranty.
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